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Submitted by Valli Chouthry

"Today’s globalized, industrial society has a lot of disadvantages. From increased levels of pollution to global warming and high costs of living, much has been said and written about the flip side of a fast-growing, industrial world. All this has a far worse negative impact on the flora and fauna however. Driven out of the non-existent or fast declining forest areas, a lot of animals end up in nearby cities in search of food and shelter. Their means of livelihood is not guaranteed though. Spotted deer are no different. Famished and exhausted, they end up in the city, only to feed on toxic plastic waste. This is only if they even make it alive till then. More often than not, they get killed on highways or other major roads as they head towards other places in search of food. It is indeed a sad sight to see such beautiful, strong creatures feed on rubbish. Literally. It’s a sign of distressing times indeed."