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Golu -navabhakthi


Submitted by neelayadashi jagadeesan

Dear Sir Greetings and we thank for the opportunity given to us to participate the Kolu contest , its great initiative to encourage the participants to showcase their talents , keep up the good work following are the highlights of our Kolu We have kept a theme of various forms of Bhakti , we displayed 9 types of Bhakti namely SRAVANA- Hearing KIRTANA- Reciting SMARNA- Remembrance PADASEVA- Serving Lord’s feet ARCHANA- Chanting VANDANA- Shastanga Namaskara DASYA- Slaveness SAKHYA – Companionship . ATMA NIVEDANA- Self surrender attached photo reference of those Bhaktis, also have installed replica of Lord Sri Balaji idol which consumes lots of time and innovation and dedication and appreciated by friends / relatives/ visitors we kept 5 steps( Padi) and dedicated one step only to for Lord Vinayaga and displayed various postures also we displayed our traditional Kalyana set with dining set and a village setup consist of a market , park , Road etc..