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People of chennai


Submitted by Sarat KJ

About a third of India’s 1.25 billion population lives in cities, with numbers rising every year as tens of thousands of people leave villages to seek better prospects. Many end up in overcrowded slums, on the streets, and under bridges.Tamil Nadu, the most urbanised major state in the country with nearly half its 78 million people living in cities, was among the first states to create a Slum Clearance Act and a Slum Clearance Board. Under the act, the government must identify slums, declare them to be slums and then build permanent homes for residents, or improve conditions in the slums. Yet the state has only declared slums twice: about 1,200 at the time the Board . For them Chennai by night and Chennai by morning is the same, The state, known as a hub for car manufacturing and information technology services, also does not have a policy for the support and resettlement of slum dwellers PS: This was taken in marina beach for me Chennai by night and morning would be beautiful if ever makkal in Chennai get the almost the same value even if high or low.