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Missing daily Suburban train sketching


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Missing greatly the daily ride and journey in MRTS suburban train which is the youngest railway line of the city dotted with many unique train stations. The common platform, literally, provides a multitude of opportunity to see, spot and observe unique inhabitants of the city. Chennai’s people are enterprising and hardworking - whatever the condition, be it Kathiri veyil, Chennai floods, harsh cyclones like Vardah and annual monsoon, dawn or dusk - when the transport is up and running this sincere workforce is always on the move. These travel companions are my subjects for sketching. Different days, different times of the day, diverse travel destinations showcase the myriad moods of Chennai folks - restlessly waiting during a peak hour train ride, people who find a place to have a foothold in the cramped space and starting a conversation, the one who got a seat settling down for chanting his daily slokas from his pocket prayer book, the ardent newspaper reader or of course, those who are immersed in the smartphone, people gazing out at the moving landscape or simply lost in thoughts - there is a varied vignette each time. Evenings, weekends, festival days and holiday train trips display an entire set of relaxed emotions like happy people heading up for a holiday with big baggage, going to for a Sunday hangout at the beach or the cricket stadium, colourful Ganeshas from different homes being carried for an immersion at Marina. Sometimes people with interesting tools of their trade caught my attention like a musical band with their colorful attire and instruments in the vendor coach, an exhausted pedal-propelled knife sharpener stretching and relaxing his feet after a long walk carrying heavy tool on his back. The MRTS suburban train commute presents a mixed bag of the common and unique scenes which became interesting views asking to be captured as sketches and drawings, a very personal observation becoming a unique expression. Miss this everyday commute -a mundane journey for many but so very interesting for me providing me with ample subjects for artistic expressions. Chancey illa namma Chennai, you have a character and you are so dear to me! More stories of Chennai urban train commute in my blog https://myroamingbrush.blogspot.com/